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Established in 1999, COPILOT is one of the very few production companies DEDICATED EXCLUSIVELY to production servicing in Canada.

Our role is to assist YOU in the most transparent manner, all while respecting your production calendar and budget.


- a wide range of production services tailored to your needs
- a perfectly bilingual (English / French) management team and crews
- an established credibility with our crews and suppliers
- demonstrated integrity to our customers for over 15 years
- Unparalleled experience in scouting shooting locations.

Based in Montreal Quebec, our past experience as location managers with an extensive bank of locations files permits us to suggest film friendly locations that will suit your needs. To date, Jim and his crew have managed over 315 projects with clients from across Canada, the USA and around the globe with their projects in:

- TV commercials
- Television series
- 2D et 3D IMAX doc films
- Music videos
- Corporate and web films
- EPKs and Photoshoots

As in any endeavour, people make the difference. Key production personnel and crews are vitally important to the success of your project and our local knowledge of resources will save you time and money. We have established long-standing relationships with all our suppliers, crew and union affiliations. We will help you overcome cultural differences in work practices and Canadian law.

COPILOT productions provides you with more production VALUE for a lower cost than any comparable shoot in Europe or the USA, with the flexibility to accommodate our clients budgets in a competitive global market.

Contact us, and it will be a pleasure for us to provide you with an estimate that will meet your requirements.


From boards to bids and location scouting; to production prep, shoot & wrap.
YOU are the PILOT, we are there to assist YOU.

For over 15 years, Jim Edward has acted as production manager and line-producer for large scale commercial productions throughout Canada for local, Canadian as well as international clients from the USA, UK, France and Korea. From pre-production and location scouting services to complete production management solutions, COPILOT helps land your job smoothly and professionally.

COPILOT productions has also developed a tailor-made accounting system that can keep our clients informed of all production costs at any time during the production process. If this is a cost plus job, then we will provide you with a detailed reconciliation of the production costs on our specialized and personalized excel-based accounting program.

With COPILOT, you can expect a professional and transparent service of the highest standard.

The services we offer are variable depending on every client's needs. Here is a brief list of what we can do for you:

  • Consult and provide AICP formatted budgets on the following software: Excel based PointZero.

  • Set-up the production office at your hotel at pre-negotiated production rates
    (please refer to our list of production friendly boutique hotels in Old Montreal at
    http://experienceoldmontreal.com/hotels-en/ )

  • Review location management services such as Scouting, Recce & location agreements.

  • Follow up on your crew and talent's work permits and other Canadian immigration requirements.

  • Become the employer of record for local crew and provide workman's compensation coverage (CSST).

  • Liaise & negotiate all your production crew requirements with each union & other affiliations.

  • Oversee completion of Daily Production Reports (DPRs) for each day's work.

  • Provide accounting services including Payroll providing full and transparent actual cost reports

  • Take care of all importation/exportation, tax waivers and GST (VAT) claims

  • Complete wrap binder within 5 days of wrap.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the services we can provide you.


Our experience as location managers with an extensive bank of locations files permits us to suggest film friendly locations that will suit your specific needs. Whether winter or summer, north, west, east or south, we can recommend the right location for your production. The diversity of its architectural wealth makes Montréal a highly versatile location where you can easily recreate the scenery and atmosphere of any European, American or Asian city, throughout the ages.

Montreal will give you access to European and North American water, land and cityscapes, and most within a 50km zone. Only 40 minutes from downtown Montreal, you will find the wide-open countryside that makes Canada so famous. Let's not forget that Montreal is also known for its urban life, such as cultural events, luxurious restaurants, the nightlife and Quebec's world re-known "joie de vivre".

Canada also has 4 distinct seasons which will personalize your productions. If you need wintery snowscapes, a warm summer beach area or nice autumn landscape, Montreal has it all. If you are looking for mansions, castles or country houses, pittoresque roads, a great variety of bridges & tunnels, and airports. Montreal is a producer's dream location for any audiovisual production.

Please contact us so we can prepare a locations weblink suited for your specific upcoming production requirements.


COPILOT productions: Production management and/or production services.
With COPILOT, YOU are the pilot.

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For more information on our services, our rates or for a bid, please feel free to contact us. It will be a pleasure guide you through our range of services.

E-mail us at: jim@COPILOTproductions.com

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